Monday, November 19, 2012

Solidworks to SketchUp

From recent updates on new version of AutoCAD, no more need of conversion to DWG from Solidworks. Now AutoCAD 201 has ability to import Solidworks parts and assembly directly.

New procedure

1. Execute 'import' command in AutoCAD (in my case, AutoCAD 2013).
2. Import Solidworks file you want to convert.

3. Save it to DWG.
4. Open it from SketchUp.
5. Done!

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Finally I found out the solution exporting a component of Solidworks to SketchUp. This has been mostly wanted feature I have been longing.

This is the simple steps.

1. Save as ASCI(*.sat) from Solidworks.
2. Open the file from DWGeditor which is a part of package of the Solidworks.
3. Save as *.dwg from DWGeditor.
4. Import the DWG file to SketchUp.
5. Apply 'Soften/Smooth edges' to the imported.

This drum.....

can be exported to SketchUp like this...

and... smooth-edged......

Looks charm as it should be.

Thanks to 'watkins' for the related post and also to lots of the devoted people in Sketchucation!!

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